Friday, October 19, 2012


My friend Ted is awesome, he just downloaded my book and I have to keep myself from asking him how far he's read every ten seconds. It's like letting someone hold your new baby and you're  afraid they might tell you its ugly .

Friday, September 7, 2012

Writers write right?

Still working on one random chapter in the 2nd book in my No one's prophet trilogy. Is a piece of writing ever really done? Can a writer just step back and say there its perfect just like that without thinking maybe if I just tweak it a littel bit....Of course I know too much agonizing over the words, too many adjustments is too much. I think I would have more faith in my own book if more than one person downloaded the first one. (Still available on Amazon for all your kindle needs for four bucks) I also made an authors page: and here's the link for my book: Demons Dreaming (No Ones Prophet) by Christine Jedrey

Dr Oz hates fat women

Every episode of Dr Oz should be called Dr Oz hates fat women and thinks all fat women are a bunch of dumbasses. What's with the Mr. Wizard style examples of how your body works? Your fat cells are like a balloon so I’m gonna take this balloon and show you how they shrink when I blah blah blah Really Dr Oz ? Like all the women watching, and trust me it’s just women, are twelve and never sat throug...
h a sex ed class or any schooling in sciences or biology at all. And don’t think he’s constantly talking about fat women and how “unhealthy” it is because he cares. He hates fat women and this a good excuse to try to have everyone fit into the right shape. If every time you talked to a guy and the first thing out of his mouth was you know if you ate salad your ass wouldn’t be so fat and here’s a diagram on how food beaks down and some ping pong balls representing carbohydrates, would you want to hang out with him everyday at 10:00 in the morning? No, you wouldn’t. ....Dr Oz is a dick.